About Us


Tully Rinckey America Service Corporation (TRASC) provides business, administrative, and other support to law firms and attorneys.  Our professional staff provides the day-to-day, full-service, allowing attorneys to concentrate on providing the highest level of legal representation possible.

Our services cover all aspects of the business and include:

The Client Relations Department supports the customer’s client service program and initiatives. The department’s focus is to pair prospective clients with customer attorneys that fit their legal needs. The client Relations Department’s purpose is to ensure that from initial contact with the customer, through case closure, the client’s experience is positive.

The Client Relations Department is committed to support the customer’s overall vision and initiatives.  The leaders and staff of the Client Relations Department work diligently with the customer’s leaders to establish transparency and constant communication regarding change.  The Client Relations Department is dedicated to provide expedient and exceptional customer service to all potential new clients (PNC).  It is our goal to ensure the initial contact with the customer is positive and welcoming.  All potential clients will be guided through the intake process and matched with an attorney that fit their legal needs.  The Client Relations Department will work with agility and embrace change.  We also assist with welcoming and onboarding new customer attorneys.  Our goal is to work with efficiency by using the technology resources available to improve our processes and exceed metrics goals.

The Human Resources Department is responsible for all customer activities associated with human resources. HR handles all conditions effecting employee relations, employee engagement, new hire on-boarding, training and development. All employee benefits offered by the firm are established through the HR department.

Once someone is hired, HR welcomes the person to the company and advises the person about company policies and processes. The individual is monitored to ensure that they transition comfortably to their new role.  The mission of HR is to onboard quality individuals that are professional, skilled and will enhance the firm’s reputation and ethical standards with both attorneys and support staff.  In addition, to identify and develop strategies to improve organizational development, performance, growth and direction. The needs of our employees are a priority and any issues will be addressed and resolved immediately.

The mission of the Finance Department is to oversee the health of the customer, and be a resource to the customer, providing clear, accurate, and timely reporting for: business strategy, mergers & acquisitions, cash management, and internal risk management.  Specific functions include:

  • Production of invoices
  • General bookkeeping
  • Accounting and tax planning
  • Tax compliance
  • Production of monthly management accounts
  • Internal audits
  • Assistance with budget preparation and compliance
  • Managing cash flow
  • Oversee monthly and annual reporting
  • Oversight and management of bank accounts
  • Payroll processing
  • Develop policies for payment of outlays and expenses, issuing cheques, verification of bank account details, money transfers.

The Marketing team is responsible for creation and implementation of the customer’s marketing strategy and assisting with new business/lead generation.

  • Comprehensive digital marketing campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Advertising
  • Tradeshow and event management
  • RFP and proposal development

Overall brand management

  • Business development writing / copywriting
  • Press releases and media advisories
  • Media placement / coverage / management

Legal administration provides administrative support to the customer, from preliminary drafting of documents and analyzing the financial posture of a case to maintaining calendars and serving as a liaison with customer clients, courts, vendors, and other external parties.

Legal support is primarily tasked with minimizing and/or eliminating the need for attorney involvement on administrative tasks, allowing attorneys to focus on the substantive legal work that needs to be completed for their clients, and in turn maximizing their ability to generate revenue for the customer.

Legal support also assists with revenue generation through following up with clients to secure payment for the work being performed.

Legal secretaries are assigned to work directly for specific customer attorneys.   We cross-train most of our legal secretaries so they are knowledgeable in multiple areas of law and can provide supplemental support to attorneys. Technology allows legal support staff to telework with customer attorneys to accomplish attorneys’ administrative objectives.  Through Support24 the legal support staff are able to support overseas projects and assignments as needed.  The LSS team maintains attorney brief banks and builds/maintains precedent templates for ease of use and convenience.

The IT department manages the supply and maintenance of all computer systems and technology for the customer.  The department provides IT support, and assists with any hardware or software issues.  IT also handles all data management and storage for the customer, and also develops all policies, procedures, and training for data protection and cyber security compliance.  The IT department also manages the supply of internet and telephone services, and the development and hosting of the customer’s website, and works with vendors on any issues and maintenance.