Tully Rinckey America Service Corporation

Top-tier legal support solutions for attorneys & law firms.

About Tully Rinckey America Service Corporation

Tully Rinckey America Service Corporation (TRASC) provides business, administrative, and other support to law firms and attorneys.   Our services cover all aspects of the business and include:

• Client Relations
• Finance
• Marketing
• Human Resources
• Legal Administration
• Information Technology

It is our mission to provide these services seamlessly and with the highest level of client service.

The Tully Rinckey Team

Our dedicated team of managers and support staff is built on a solid foundation of expertise, experience, understanding, and, above all, customer service. We are committed to providing world-class support to our team of attorneys, as well as providing quality service with the utmost care and compassion to clients and the firm’s other constituents.

Our professional staff provides the day-to-day, full-service, allowing attorneys to concentrate on providing the highest level of legal representation possible.

We encourage you to learn more about our team by visiting their bios at the button below.

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